Tickets ~ NOW Multi-Files accepted

Good News to report ~ Focus One Design’s Ticket and Support center has received a much needed improved upgrade.

Please  use the Ticket System found at: send in any requests, updates or support inquiries this way…

Focus One Design is streamlining all requests into a easier to use managable area. Easier for both you and administration purposes. Focus One Design looks forward to all requests sent this way, and you will be pleased to hear Multi uploaded attachements are now accepted.

This is great news: now more than 1 file can be uploaded all at the SAME TIME. Remember any format is accepted, and if you find a format not accepted – please get in touch so it can be added to the system

  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .dox
  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .mp3
  • .rtf

Anything from Adobe Reader documents, Word files, Images and even MP3 audio sound files. If your file is over 2GB in size, then be sure to try DropBox.