Improvements Coming Soon…

Exciting Improvements are still being made to Focus One Design.. Stay tuned ~ Coming soon…

[image_frame width=200 height=200 pattern=”dotted” align=”left”][/image_frame]1. FOD Community (Information Centre/Members Area/Etc.) so you can join the best community on the web! While posting your questions & comments directly online. This will be the place for Focus One Design’s Information Center containing F.A.Q., Resources and other new – Join the Community of Focus One Design =

Why not join and become a member of the best community on the web! (Improvements and Updates still in the works ~ Coming Soon).

2. Professional Photo Site – Coming soon updated photos and Ecommerce Solutions = – Watch for other Improvements in the very near future….

3. New Websites…Coming soon with major improvements, hand customization and development work.

4. Smug Mug Photography Customization Certification – Coming Soon


Please keep an eye on these inclusions for Focus One Design, stay tuned for more and get in touch with any questions etc.


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