Wow, what a month…

Wow, what a month…It’s been a busy few weeks, as I note the last update to this blog was early February.

Lots of exciting and new things have been happening. It’s been a very busy month with Focus One Design. Keeps a watchful eye on my website – to learn of exciting improvements.

Spring has sprung here on the west coast, and the blossom trees look lovely. Hopeing to take some photos soon. Professional Photography site is also getting a brand new “look & feel”, as well as massive improvements. This is being done in between projects, still a very busy week ahead.

Today marked the first cutting of grass. Was so nice to see some sun, and we sure hope it lasts for a while yet. Stay up-to-date and return to this site for updates as often as possible. Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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